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Cryo Face

Cryo Face uses cold and hot temperatures to bring collagen and elastin to the surface of the skin. This decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cryo Slimming

3 phase thermal shock that will help naturally destroy fat cells for reduction in overall fat mass in targeted areas. Over the next 14 days the lymphatic system carries the crystalized cells out of the body as waste. This process can be done on abdomen, thighs, arms, legs or back.

Cryo Toning

Cold therapy that helps remove cellulite and tone sagging skin. Microcirculation is improved and increased core metabolism that creates higher collagen production. This process can be done on abdomen, thighs, arms, legs, back or face.

Cryo T-Shock

Cold therapy that helps decrease pain, improve microcirculation, increases oxygenation and creates better blood flow and higher collagen production.

Cryoskin: Services
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