Zyto Advanced Bioscans

New Client Zyto Advanced Bioscan


Initial assessment of physical and emotional stress and evaluation of protocol using Zyto technology.

Follow Up Zyto Advanced Bioscan


Re-evaluation for physical and emotional stress and protocol.

Quick Check Zyto Advanced Bioscan


Intermediate hormone evaluation, wellness or immune support.

Zyto Essential Oil Scan


The client will be assessed for the deviation ratios specific to an essential oil collection via Zyto Essential Oil Scan. Observation and recommendation will be made by an oils literate consultant. The client will receive a custom blend created for them with the information gathered in their session.

Immunity Zyto Advanced Bioscan


Using the Zyto Scan we create a special blend to help boost your body's natural immunity.

Primal Reset Protocol Scan


Assessment of readiness for primal reset including immunity, process and digestion.

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